“Thank you so much for preparing my chart! I have to tell you I was pretty surprised at the accuracy. There was a lot of detail about the positive qualities that I like to think I have, some really accurate  statements about challenges I face, and some of the specifics were very meaningful. How lovely to have the skill to put together such reports! I would like to get the next part done soon also. Thank you!.”

Jennie M – Nth Coast NSW – 

“I had my chart done as a gift, so I had no preconceived expectations about having my astrology reading. I was so amazed at the accuracy and how you explained my personality profile so well. It also gave me an understanding of the areas in my life where certain themes keep coming up for me. I can see how the major cycle I’ve just gone through really played out for me and you helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many thanks Anne. “

Cheryl S – Manly NSW

I have known Anne for over 10 years during which she became a Reflexologist and I know she has always studied Astrology. Anne wrote Astrology charts for my grand children and also for my daughter and myself. Anne’s knowledge of astrology is extensive, but what touched me most was the beautiful interpretation and detail in her wording. She has the skill to transfer a complicated astrological chart into a meaningful and easy to understand manuscript. Anne also offers face to face sessions. These demonstrate her extensive communication skills and ability to empathize  making the sessions a rich and worthwhile experience.”

M.W.- Reflexologist. Frenchs Forest. 

“I have recently had two charts – Mother and daughter – completed by Anne as a gift for a friend, and she absolutely loved it and was surprised by the insights into her character  she felt is was very much her. She especially loved reading about her daughter who is currently one year old, gaining an insight into her developing personality. She’s now keeping the chart to give to her daughter in the future. Thanks so much Anne, it’s lovely to have an understanding about the astrological influences in your life.”

Jacki F. – Sydney

“Thank you so much Anne for my astrology chart. It is a really in depth look at how I come to be me. There is so much in the chart and I find myself referring to it when I’m looking for answers to particular situations and I would like some insight. It’s amazing how accurately it describes my characteristics and how I relate to others. I have also had the pleasure of her Reflexology treatments. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment for moving on in areas or for any stress or stubborn negative thoughts. I also found it physically very relaxing and felt wonderful after a bit of rest. Thanks again Anne, and looking forward to my next session with you. 

Rob V. – Collaroy