Health & Astrology




The Sun, Moon and planets and their movements are interpreted in a birth chart for a purpose and each represents a different part of our personality. Sometimes the energy is not flowing freely and so begins to express this energy in a negative way. Fortunately it doesn’t need to stay like this.

Flower essences work on a vibrational level to clear blockages and imbalances in the etheric body, so marries perfectly with Astrology. We are here on this planet to learn, heal and grow, to bring into balance the energies of our birth chart. If you feel a particular part of your life is not working too well, you find out what planetary aspect may be influencing this area and, along with your own awareness, a bush flower remedy can be recommended to help bring about a more positive expression for you. For many of the imbalances there is more than one essence to correct it. They are safe and the good thing is there are no negative effects from the remedies, even if you are currently taking medication.

Medical Astrology can show us whether we are likely to enjoy good health or if we are prone to certain diseases. Along with herbal remedies, flower essences can also be used to assist correction of these imbalances before and even after they manifest physically. Holistic therapists believe that disease is generally the result of mental and emotional imbalances, which when left untreated, filter down to the physical body in order to be recognized. The good news is you don’t have to stay like this. If your kitchen sink was clogged you’d have it fixed. the Australian Bush Flower Essences are an excellent tool for smoothing the path, making the healing process both easier and faster. Of course these remedies would not replace professional medical or naturopathic advice.


Astrological relationship to parts of the body – 

Aries             Head, face, brain, teeth, adrenal glands, spleen, arteries and oxygenation.

Taurus          Neck, throat thyroid, larynx, pharynx, carotid arteries.

Gemini          Shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, nervous system, lungs

Cancer         Stomach, breasts and to some extent, the uterus

Leo              Heart, back (especially thoracic spine), arteries, aorta

Virgo            Small Intestine, ligaments and tendons, pancreas

Libra            Kidneys, endocrine system, homeostasis, hormone balance, veins

Scorpio        Reproductive organs, bladder, large intestine, rectum

Sagittarius   Hips, pelvis, coccyx, buttocks, upper legs, sciatic nerve

Capricorn    Skeleton, skin, knees, gall bladder

Aquarius      Lower legs, ankles, meridians, veins

Pisces          Feet, toes, immune system, lymphatics