Hi all!  Are you all excited about this bountiful bonnie Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius this week on June 9th? I know I sure am and so as with all full moons we know that the energy is waxing and reaching its climax when full. How is your life travelling for you? I know it’s been a tough time for many but never give up as one thing is for certain in this life….and that is CHANGE! This is the signature for this Sag Full Moon with Sun in Gemini. 

With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius we are talking about the mutable signs. This ‘mutability’ is all about being flexible, not staying rigid or fixed in your outlook. It carries with it so many great opportunities to look at where this may be happening and getting unnecessarily ‘stuck!’ This moon will be at 18 deg of Sag and so if you know where that is in your personal birth chart it will narrow the scope for you and help you to really define where it is you need to be open to some change for your highest good. Sagittarius is fire and of course the polar opposite sign being Gemini, is air. This is also an energy that is so different to our last full moon which was in Scorpio and of course the opposition there was Taurus. Water & earth elements. I spoke about the grounded, but fixed energy there and the transformation required to move forward, so here we now are with the next chapter as the Universe is asking us how we are going to express this new aspect of ourselves and if we have done our cosmic homework, so to speak, we should be feeling a little clearer about what has or hasn’t worked for us. What did you have to put out on the psychological rubbish heap after such a purge last month? Be mindful of what the journey has been presenting you with and maybe now, even though you may not be feeling 100% clear, you will have some insights into where it is you wish to move forward. Take aim with that Centaur energy as Sag will always want to do this. 

The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter and he has been moving backwards (or seemed to be) in the sky since early February this year. This is the ‘Retrograde’ motion, if some of you may not be familiar with that term. So just very shortly after this full moon the largest planet in our Solar System – Jupiter, stations and prepares to move forward again. Hooray! This is such an important event in astrology. So particularly for Sagittarius, but really for everyone as we all have Jupiter featuring in our charts and lives somewhere, teaching us and offering expansion, the search for truth, promising and a broader view on life. From this we find our beliefs may be challenged. How we must make a change in our viewpoints if they are no longer serving us or the world at large. Find your unique and individual perspective and gifts and bring them to fruition with the energy of this waxing moon. 

Planetary Aspects around the Full Moon

On the positive and with regard to planetary aspects we have Jupiter (in Libra) trine to the Sun (in Gemini) and sextile to the Moon In Sag. We could see a breakthrough in relationships. Something better can be on the horizon for many. This is due to the effects of Jupiter in Libra – the sign of love, relationships & money as well, moving forward. Saturn is only 6 deg from the moon in Sag and he is still retrograde and will be until 26th August this year. This energy could make us feel it’s all too difficult to decide what to do and where to begin. This is because Saturn likes structure and is quite rigid in his ways. We can feel frustrated by this influence, but if you are aware of these feelings, just remember it is temporary, and you can offset this by going within, do your meditations, pray, whatever your spiritual rituals may be that bring you focus and peace. You could push on and ‘feel the fear and do it anyway,’ as really, the more powerful energies of Jupiter moving forward and Moon in Sag probably trump this slight interference. However, if you wish to wait, just keep your eye on the goal and see the path forward as honestly the universe is truly opening the doors for us through this portal right now and will continue to. 

The other aspect is Black Moon Lillith is also snuggled up to Saturn, so again close to the full moon. She says ‘don’t jump now as it is too risky! You are not ready!’ She taunts and brings up our shadow, so try to let those doubting thoughts wash over you and understand that this only brings conflict and more frustration. However, there will always be lessons from her as well, just don’t let her make you ‘freeze’ and do nothing! 

There is a semi-square between Venus in Taurus and the Sun in Gemini – so here we have an opportunity to tune in and ask – what makes me feel grounded and centred, yet creative and satisfied? Meditate and listen to your intuition. Be disciplined about your daily spiritual practices, whatever they may be, such as meditation, prayer, walking in the bush, chanting, mindfullness etc. Venus in Taurus is very sensual so something that delights the senses and yet is very connected to earth and is grounding. Music, painting, clay work, whatever rocks your boat! 

We have Moon square Neptune in Pisces, which helps us to imagine what things can be done. Neptune is the visionary, the dream weaver and so the energy here is to help us imagine what things can be done. Visualise it, get in touch with your own core truth and higher self. Even though it is a challenging square, these angles often work to make us work a little harder to see what is possible and if we can find the spark and work with it, we have unseen potential to create so much more than we ever dreamed was possible. 

Venus in Taurus – Venus moves into its own sign – Taurus. So after being in the fiery, self obsessed sign of Aries, this planet of love and harmony finds such comfort in the sensual, earthy sign of Taurus. This is a time to get in touch with our senses and explore our inner ‘Zen.’ Meaning find what really helps you to chill and find the healing in the simple pleasures that help us to also recharge ready to face the world outside that sometimes strips us of such pleasures. 

Mercury (planet of communication) moves into Gemini on 7/6 and again here is a planet in its own sign. The stepping stones and building energy of when Mercury was last moving through Taurus but has finished so what is the new platform we can express from via the air sign of Gemini? Gemini is the king of self expression and all about finding different ways of communicating. This is the element of air so the energies are moving faster and with a very different style and will feel much lighter and have us thinking more about our choices and decisions as the air element triggers the intellect. 

Uranus is at Aries 27 degrees and makes a lovely harmonious trine to Saturn in  Sag at 25 deg and to the North Node at 27 deg Leo! This really speaks about making our individual insights a reality as Uranus triggers the genius in us and Saturn is the grounding energy giving us the practical application and then with the North Node of the Moon in Leo, we are talking about our karmic or spiritual quest. This it really a very potent and wonderful time to manifest what it is we have wanted to make work. If there was ever a better time than now, I really can’t speak enough about this wonderful opportunity. The only thing is with trines, they can be so easy that we neglect to act upon them. The squares and the conjunctions are difficult but force us to act so try to realise the potential at this time as we are being given a beautiful opportunity to move forward with what we really want to manifest for our highest good and be our most creative selves. 

I will leave it here and as always, I wish you only great things during and after this glorious Full Moon phase in the generous, wild at heart, benevolent sign of Sagittarius! Aim high, stand strong! 🙂 

Much love. x


FULL MOON IN SCORPIO ……. Find your passion and power! Nth Node in Leo – a dynamic karmic shift.




Welcome to the Full Moon in Scorpio! This is occurring over the 10th & 11th May and in the powerful and watery sign of Scorpio, we are all being urged to go deep inside and transform again. Scorpio energy can lead us to the highest and also the lowest places deep in our psyche. It’s a real time of ‘soul searching.’ It represents a turning point in which to embrace and accept recent changes. It may feel a little uneasy leading up to the full moon so just try to stay grounded and tune into your heart or intuition.

The general planetary playground has Mercury (communications) holding hands with Uranus (chaos, revolutionary) so this may rattle the nervous system a little on top of this big culminating energy. On the positive Mercury has gone direct and no longer retrograde so we should feel things moving forward again with a little more ease.

There are a few other planets still retrograde – Jupiter in Libra ( big focus on relationships) Saturn in Sagittarius ( Structure in belief systems ) Pluto in Capricorn ( transforming and rebuilding ). So in all these areas we have an extra focus with the retrograde motion going on. These big boys of the zodiac are making their presence felt so it’s mostly about the ongoing issues we’ve been talking about such as restructuring in business and internally, our changing relationships and finding our inner truth. Jupiter makes a nice harmonious trine to Mars in Gemini so that is a welcome change providing a window of opportunity to have healthier communication within our relationships. Saturn in Sagittarius is still hovering around the Galactic Centre which is a powerful point in the zodiac relating to a point in our galaxy – The Milky Way.  A huge gravitational pivoting point. So with Saturn here one gets a sense that we may be feeling things are a ‘little out of control’ as Saturn normally is the steady influence, the structures and boundaries that keep law and order and our worlds in tact. Now we may have this vague sense of not knowing where we are heading as we feel this ‘vortex’ of energy pulling us toward an unknown destiny. Saturn in Sagittarius is so hell bent on pushing the buttons on religion, spirituality and politics as this timeless task master and philosophical Sage work together to push us forward and speaks of the importance of morality and revealing the truth. Sag can be pretty dogmatic and outspoken so at times more talk than action. If you are any of the mutable signs such as Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini or Virgo, this cycle will affect you quite strongly. Major structures in your personal and professional world take on a whole mature, new shape now. Usually lovers of change this may have the influence of Saturn which likes structure, standing their ground and making more permanent commitments. 

The Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn forces us to make an internal investigation of sorts. He is the big transformer (ruler of Scorpio). However, while in Capricorn he’s been busy for a few years breaking down institutions that no longer serve us or have relevance for us moving forward. This is both on a global and a personal level so many lives have experienced huge changes. We’re forced to look at our ‘shadow sides’ and it’s difficult but really necessary for us to evolve. We’ll be getting honest with ourselves about how much we’re motivated by needs for money, power and authority etc. We can do lots of purging. This phase of retrograde for Pluto goes from 20/4/17 – 28/9/17 going direct at 16 degrees Capricorn. With Pluto transits such as this one it feels like the ‘elephant in the room’ can no longer be ignored. If you’re open to surrender to Pluto’s challenges. You can harness this transformative power for your highest good. There is immense potential for personal growth. 

Nodal Axis moves into Leo / Aquarius

The North Node and South Node points are directly opposite each other.They are not planetary bodies; rather, they are points that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth. Astrologically it is about our karmic lessons or ‘spiritual quest.’ So if you look at the Nth Node you will be looking to incorporate the qualities of that sign into your direction or path in this life, and perhaps not so much leaving behind the qualities of the sign on the Sth Node, but bringing what you have learnt forth and integrating the best of both worlds. When we see a change in the signs of the Nth & Sth Nodes we will feel a definite shift in the world around us. This is particularly so if we have either the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or major placements in those signs. So Leo / Aquarius Sun’s, Moon’s, Ascendants are really going to feel this change the most. This is a change from the Virgo / Pisces polarity we’ve had for the last 18 months which was more about purification, diet and really getting down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of what best serves us. Our health was a major highlight and hopefully we have all come through this cycle better for it or at least with the tools to make sound decisions for our wellbeing. With Leo / Aquarius in the limelight now we are asked to ‘shine’ wherever we are best to do this. It may be time to now take our part and feel good about who we are and how we display this to the world around us. The Nth Node is in a fire sign and ruled by the Sun, so it is really a big warm energy helping us to open our hearts and to find our passions and embrace them. It can give an extra focus on children and or the child in ourselves. There should be that new feeling of allowing ourselves to have fun and still work hard (as Virgo taught us) so it is a time for new ways of expressing ourselves and walking a different road but still towards our destiny and for our highest good. Remember to have fun along the way and enjoy the applause when you kick some goals! 

Best wishes for this Full Moon in Scorpio and all that goes with it! 🙂 



Here we go again, with an exciting cosmic event that always brings with it some surprises, be they welcome or not so, they are merely an opportunity for us to work with them for our highest good. Tune in and see where the story unfolds for you! 

This is a Solar Eclipse in the soulful water sign of Pisces at 8 degrees. It happens on February 26th but is not really going to be visible for us here in Australia. It will be more so in South West Africa, most of Sth America, Pacific, Atlantic &  Indian Oceans & Antarctica. However astrologically speaking we are all under the influence! Now not only is the Sun & Moon in a new moon phase – same degree, but we have a stellium of planets in Pisces going on. Snuggled up with these two luminaries are also Neptune, Mercury, the Sth Node of the Moon (always close in an eclipse). Alongside this we have exact conjunction between fiery Mars and revolutionary gate crasher – Uranus! These two planets are a little like a box of matches together, and they are in an exact opposition to the great expander – Jupiter! Hello world! Well, we can look at many angles here with that configuration, and I am always one to look for the positives. However, I will start with a call for caution if you find yourself having trouble getting your point across over these few days. Think before you act is the all important thing here with Mars the warrior-like energy pushing the planet of unexpected change and prince of shock – Uranus! You see this works so well if you are consciously working on yourself and are aware of where you are and where you’d like to be. Going within and contemplating, meditating, and grounding yourself and moving with the tide in a trusting but intuitive way can be life altering for all the right reasons, but if you are spinning on the spot, reacting, fighting and resisting the long awaited changes that have been poking you in the ribs, it may be a tad uncomfortable! 

Also Mars & Uranus are tightening the square aspect to Pluto who loves demolishing things in it’s path, slowly and completely, ready to start again in a new form. We call this a T-Square as the angles between Jupiter (in Libra) and Mars & Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto ( in Capricorn) is a T shape, which also means in elements uncomfortable with each other. We have signs struggling to agree with each other. However, so much to teach each other…..if only we can compromise! 😉 

Uranus is about ‘individuation’ – striking out on our own individual soul purpose. The great awakener. He is against the authority, establishment and he wants FREEDOM! 

Jupiter is in Libra and he expands whatever he touches. Connects well to our higher consciousness.  He can either help, dominate, control and limit us, but in Libra he’s studying social justice. We can see the huge fluctuations socially & politically right now. The scales are tipping wildly. 

Pluto has been grinding away in earthy, authoritative  & responsible Capricorn for a long time now. He is like the backstop of the cosmic wallpaper at this time in history. Not much gets past this great transformer. Where have we lost, felt like we’ve had a kind of ‘death’ or just needed to let go? A phoenix rising out of the ashes is the image here. 

Interestingly Solar Eclipses are said to alter the magnetic field of Earth and we can liken an eclipse to switching the lights on and off again, but things will have changed and sometimes quite abruptly. They always happen near to the nodal axis and this one is on the south node meaning something has to be let go of. Knowing where this is in your own personal chart is so much more helpful, so worth finding out. You can get a free chart online and see where everything is but of course, best to talk with an Astrologer to dig deeper. With this moon phase being balsamic (last phase before the new), it’s always a psychic time and dreams and intuition are highlighted. Great to journal and reflect back on them. This is the time to plant the seeds for the future you want, but in particular for the next six months as we have the next eclipse in August this year! 

The Moon’s nodes will soon change into the polarity of Leo & Aquarius so this is the last eclipse in these signs of Virgo & Pisces for another 18yrs. On the day of the eclipse the nodes will be at 3 deg 20″ of Virgo & Pisces. Wherever that Sth Node is in your chart is a strong indication of what will be left behind in your life right now. Pisces is mostly associated with the divine love, forgiveness, compassion and an ego-less state of being. Being in the ‘flow of life.’ So it would be good to find a healthy and positive outlet for this energy such as being in nature, meditating, listening to uplifting music, creating art and envisage this new beginning you yearn for. It provides a fertile place for us to create from. Especially with Neptune the visionary planet very close by in Pisces as well. 

So I will finish off here as I don’t want to confuse you with too many scenarios, but just remember that we always have ‘choice’ and are not puppets on cosmic strings at the mercy of the wrath of some nasty planetary conspiracy! We are all moving within the rhythms of the universe and are subject to the same energetic connections as all other life is around us. If we can tune into the deeper meaning of life and try to let the cosmic signposts throw us a paddle so we can better navigate this amazing life we are creating with every breath we take, it might just start to make sense as otherwise if we stand apart and fall into separation, we risk feeling alienated and disconnected and can fall into victim consciousness, which is futile and so counter productive.

 I hope you all receive the blessings and beautiful gifts the universe has in store for you at this Solar Eclipse and always! 🙂 x







FULL MOON IN CANCER 22 degrees – 10:33PM 12/1/2017 (Sydney)

Well here we are on the verge of a big juicy, emotion filled Full Moon in Cancer! It happens exactly on Thursday 12th January and in Australia it will be full at 10:33pm. In it’s own sign of Cancer we can expect lots of strong feelings welling up from deep inside and mostly to do with our personal security, loyalty, intuition and the bonds of family life etc.. This Full Moon lands on 22 degrees  of Cancer so it will be good if you know your own chart and where that degree is, as it will shine a light on what area of your life is being focused on. Cancer is also what we call in Astrology  a ‘Cardinal’ sign, meaning it is about initiation, getting started and is always about the prompt for change or to take action on some way. The warning here is that with all this powerful energy coming at us it may not be the best time to to ‘act’ on the big decisions that may present themselves. We may ‘feel’ it is the best way to deal with things but it it not highly recommended if the emotions are engaged in a way that we may end up regretting things a few days later. 

Thankfully Mercury is now in direct motion so in a few more days it will really feel a lot better in as far as communications, transport and all those things that can go a bit haywire under the Mercury Retrograde cycle. Uranus also went direct as of the 30/12, after a long time retrograde so we should really feel some energy shifts now. However…….all this is just way too simple an explanation for what is going on currently in the celestial skies above us! We have a pattern between some planets known as a Cardinal Cross, which means we have two lots of oppositions or four square aspects. The planets involved are Cardinal signs, which are Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. So with the Full Moon in Cancer opposing the Sun in Capricorn – thus a Full Moon, (also Pluto right up close to the Sun – power punch!) and then we have Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. So Moon in ‘child like’ Cancer wants nurturing, to be loved and to feel safe. It may show us where we are feeling unloved and tend need to tend to that the best way we can. 

Pluto and Sun opposite in earthy and ‘adult like’ Capricorn which is about ‘doing the work’ and sometimes at the expense of emotional comforts. Try not to go too far in either direction is the message here. This really is the tug of war between the adult Vs the child. We need to tend to both gardens. 

Jupiter in Libra can bring sudden change and for the better. Jupiter magnifies or expands on what it touches so again, great if you can see where they are in your personal birth chart. This will especially be around relationships as with Libra he is looking to find balance and harmony and justice but may come on a little strong as Jupiter sometimes does. Here we have fire and air energy so there will be sparks and a real urge to take action in some way and look for the inspiration and passion and find a positive outlet for it. 

With Pluto conjunct (close to) the Sun in Capricorn we see the intensity of this planet of change playing out within our own lives as well as in the larger world around us. It is a slow moving planet so it has been grinding away in Capricorn and aspecting Uranus (revolutionary change) for some years and will until 2023 approximately, so it’s not like it happens overnight, but within this big energy of the Full Moon and taking part in the Cardinal Cross we see the extra burst of energy coming out of Pluto’s urge for transformation and destroying all around us that is no longer working for us. The dead wood will be burned, but if we can do this in a more conscious manner we no longer will be reacting to the events that seem to be happening to us. We need to be aware of what is happening to work with it and not let it cause undue damage as it so often can when we stand separate to what is already ours to remould. Taking responsibility for our own actions is paramount here. Taking deep breaths in what at times seems to be insurmountable obstacles and unwelcome stresses. Rather than drown our frustrations in food, alcohol or drugs etc… find a positive and healthy way to redirect these strong emotions. Get grounded and connect with nature, eat well and listen you your inner wisdom and try not to fall victim to the swells of emotions that may rise up over these few days before, on and after the 12th January. Remember the Full Moon is always a culmination of energy and a que to let go, and make room for the next coming cycle of the moon which will be a waning and more relaxed energy. But for now we must have the light on very bright and work with what we have accumulated and look at it clearly and honestly. 

So let’s say we ‘feel what our lives are about!’ Some of us won’t feel too comfortable doing this but we need this to effect the change being demanded of us sometimes. All this talk of change however, I must say that right on top of this Full Moon, try to put off making those huge life changing decisions as you may regret it. Just wait a few days and think over things a little before acting hastily. 22 is the degree of the master builder in numerology and sometimes things from the past that are unresolved tend to come up. Old hurts and that tendency to take revenge may creep in. There is nothing to be gained from acting from such negative emotions and in the end nobody wins. 

Another aspect is that the Moon in Cancer trines (more harmonious) the wounded healer asteroid – Chiron in Pisces along with Mars! So here is the opportunity to let those old hurts come up to heal, not to hurt. It will be tempting and perhaps confusing as the emotions are so strong and amplified we may make the mistake of feeling we are justified in falling into pain or victim consciousness arising in anger, but let the soothing Piscean waters calm and show compassion towards others and ourselves so as to allow healing to take place and to help us move forward. Also lovely Venus sits next to the South Node of the Moon in Pisces so some feelings of nostalgia could flow in for us as well. 

The Moon squares stern old Saturn in Sagittarius as well, so you can see how much is going on here right? He will be whispering in our ears…’well, what have you done with your life?’ ‘Get on with it!’ So remember to go easy here and just let it wash over you at least for the days over and just after the 12th Jan. 

This powerful Grand Cardinal Cross is urging us to be our own boss, masters of out own destiny. Watch out for becoming overwhelmed. Keep things simple and organised as best you can. Take frequent deep breaths as it will push us to ‘ACT NOW!’ Find a way to calm this energy down by doing more of what you love. Make the time to unwind in amongst all the ‘must do’ things. Wait for a few days before making those life changing decisions, as it might look a little different a few days after this amazing Full Moon in Cancer and all that comes with it at this time.

It’s juicy! Enjoy it, but take care of yourself and keep your head above water. 


NEW MOON IN SCORPIO………be transformed and manifest your dreams & wishes!




We have a powerful New Moon coming up on  October 31st at 7 degrees of Scorpio. There is also a stellium of planets in Scorpio at the same time with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Black Moon Lillith (not a planet) all amplifying this powerful vibe. We are being urged to dig deep and make the ‘unconscious’ – ‘conscious.’ Are you witnessing some power struggles or issues with those in authority,work colleagues, loved ones or just with people around you in general? We are all subject to these energies and it is a time of awakening really. There is always a very potent message lurking when Scorpio is in charge. With the New Moon phase it is a perfect time to wipe that slate clean of all the skeletons in the closet and observe what has not been working for you. A great time to go within, face your demons, release the old outworn behaviours, the self doubts and suppressed & disowned patterns as anything that is not being brought to the surface will just be mirrored back to us until we do. 

There are also two polarities at play going on as well. On one hand we have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio (trine) harmoniously speaking with Neptune in Pisces, prompting creative and soulful pursuits. Then we have Pluto & Mars in a challenging angle (square) to the planet of change and revolution – Uranus. This is certainly ‘challenging’ and has an awakening nature to it, but not altogether comfortable for us. There may be conflict with this overall Mars type of energy (Mars is the lover octave of Pluto & traditional ruler of Scorpio). Be mindful to avoid accidents at this time also. Not to be scared and on edge, but be more mindful in general. Cultivate patience and be forewarned that at this time authority will raise its head in many arenas. This could be anything from one’s boss, the banks, the governments, our teachers or anyone who has ‘power’ over us. People may be triggered more easily at this time, more so than usual. There may be much need for conflict resolution. Take note of what is going on around you as there always is a lesson in it for us, personally and collectively. 

So this New Moon in Scorpio sets the tone for the whole month. Even though late this Tuesday the moon moves into fiery and truth seeking Sagittarius, it will be the intensity of transformative Scorpio that taps away at our unconscious and demands some serious housekeeping! Venus conjuncts (next to) serious Saturn today, so there could be some focus on commitment around love and / or money. It is a little sobering. Venus also makes a challenging square aspect to the nodes of the moon, so again a rather awkward but important push in the direction of what is best for us especially in the area of health and our everyday habits. Are we doing what we need to do to move forward and carve a better way of doing so? Virgo makes us work hard for this so it usually entails a rolling up of our sleeves and will not let us take short cuts. So wherever that is in your charts makes it more specific. 

Remember also we are still working within the energy of Jupiter in Libra so how are we going with our partnerships, both romantic and in general? The balance of masculine and feminine, the Yin & the Yang of it all! Jupiter expands all it touches and always asks for growth and magnification. He is in Libra until early October 2017 before moving into Scorpio, so the thing is to explore and grow with the qualities of Libra – balance, co-operation, harmony, fairness and love, so that we are ready for the next lot of lessons in the new energy of Scorpio. Jupiter always transits for one year in each sign, so we get plenty of time to learn and revise. 

So to wind it up, we are looking to resolve our conflicts as they are highlighted during and after this New Moon in Scorpio. Bring them up out of the shadows, and know that nobody is excluded in this exercise. This is our human experience and can only bring inner healing. Getting below the surface to see the real truths takes effort and is not always easy or without compromise or pain. Accepting this is so important for our growth. Embrace and express your deepest and most powerful truths and emotions! 

May you enjoy this wonderful New Moon in Scorpio! 🙂