FULL MOON IN PISCES …….Daydream believer!

Dream big on this Full Moon in Pisces! Here we are already two weeks down the track from that powerful Solar Eclipse in Leo and now we are diving into the soulful waters of a Piscean Full Moon at 13 degrees 53 minutes.  We have the Sun now in Virgo and so these two luminaries are opposite each other exact on September the 6th. 
The times are: Sydney     6/9 – 5.02pm
NYC         6/9 – 3.02am
London     6/9 – 8.02am

With the Sun now in the sign of Virgo and opposing Moon in Pisces, we have the culmination period of the moon phase. We also have some interesting triggers going over the eclipse degree of 28 deg Leo, such as Mercury, and at the same time he is stationing to go direct after his retrograde phase. This will help us to move forward on some areas of our lives that may have been frustratingly tangled up or delayed in some way. It’s always good to give it another week before we feel the full benefit of Mercury’s direct movement. Mars also moved over this eclipse point as well on 5/9 so energetically this tends to accentuate the areas where we need to see those changes that may still be taking shape or maybe haven’t realised as yet. Mercury also makes a harmonious trine aspect to Uranus in Aries on this 28 degree point which could facilitate genius ideas and some epiphanies so be alert for creative and unexpected ideas to pop up.  Mars transiting in Virgo from 5/9 to 22/10 encourages more order and helps us to operate in a more grounded and organised way. It can bring a desire to be of service as this is the true quality of the sign of Virgo. 

This full moon in Pisces brings in a sense of compassion, sensitivity and a spiritual awareness. Some of the negative tendencies can be some passive aggression, feeling victimised and can stir up all sorts of deep psychological issues. So it’s important to go easy on oneself and be aware of how you feel with the watery emotions of this full moon. Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is also closely positioned next to this moon so increasing the dreaminess of the whole experience. Be mindful of not overindulging as this can be a tendency with Neptune featuring so strongly. 

On 18/9 Venus conjuncts the eclipse point so this can ignite the developments of love, relationships, money issues and all things Venus related. This eclipse point is really being triggered so it will be good to be as aware as possible over this month and try to stay on track with those issues close to your heart and those areas that have really been the focus for you over the last month. 

So thinking about how or what we may be manifesting or pulling into our lives right now is the key, and try to understand why we needed to make the changes we are making to move forward. Now we are being urged to move beyond the ‘self’ or the more ego based goals, to expand beyond the physical or mundane plane. We are invited to release and surrender and merge with the ‘collective consciousness’ as opposed to ‘self consciousness.’ As we were under the influence of the Leo (Solar) energy with that Solar Eclipse and New Moon two weeks ago. It was an important process, as it is also now to share with the world what we have learnt or manifested. Pisces is now offering the transcendence of the ‘self’. This will help to remind us that we are able to expand beyond the ego, and get out of our fixed mind sets and understand we are neither our thoughts or our bodies. Let’s not over identify with that ‘little me.’ Neptune next to this moon will help us to feel that everything is connected and we can still play our own individual roles without losing sight of this. What a great time to practice the art of just ‘being!’ Bring in some meditation or whatever your spiritual practices may be. Take time out and walk in nature. Anything that helps you feel connected to nature and its beauty and strengthens your life force.

Be careful of your personal boundaries as with the Pisces energy they can be a little down. With Mercury finishing his retrograde cycle just prior to this full moon we have an opportunity to release and let go of some of those patterns of thinking that don’t work very well for us. As will all full moons it is a time of culmination and preparing to let go or a final release, to get ready for the next phase of the lunar cycle. Let this month of Sun in Virgo bring you the gifts of discrimination, order and help you to discover the blessings of this polarity of Pisces and Virgo as there is so much healing on offer as we learn to transcend the perceived limitations of the physical and the illusion of separateness, but at the same time learn the importance of being of service to others, and accumulating the required methods, processes and practices which bring about the perfection of the lower self – discrimination in form. Virgo helps us to identify what must be done to support one’s direction for spiritual growth while at the same time creating practical opportunities for the soul on earth in its human form.

Have a soulful and wonderful Full Moon in Pisces!   


































SOLAR ECLIPSE & NEW MOON IN LEO……. your internal compass for the ‘new version of you!’


Welcome to the big astro event of this year….the total Solar Eclipse. In the sign of Leo at 28 degrees 53 mins. This is a North Node eclipse and is a truly important time in our personal evolution. 

So the Nodal Axis is on Leo and Aquarius. You may have been hearing a lot about this and without getting too carried away with all sorts of doom and gloom, I would like to give my spin on the important messages that are coming to us through this time in particular. A Solar Eclipse is when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and either partially or totally blocks the light of the sun momentarily, depending on where you are on our planet will determine how you view this cosmic phenomenon. It will be most visible across the United States of America for this one. Two weeks ago we had the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and so now we see the polarising path as the Moon joins the Sun in its own sign, Leo. If you have your Sun, Moon, Ascendant or any angles in your chart on or near this degree you will feel it most. It doesn’t necessarily have the same impact on every individual. However, it is said that the effects will still herald important changes for us and globally of course. Not all astrologers will hold the same views but I do like to look towards the more spiritual messages and find the evolutionary signature behind our cosmic events. 

So with the Moon sitting close to its North Node the message is all about where we should be moving forward in our destiny to be the better version of ourselves. A full Solar Eclipse is like a break in the astral shield of our earth. It sets the tone for the next six months, so make sure you are reaching in to find the best way to move forward and not make the same mistakes. An easier way will be if you know which house the nodes are for this Solar Eclipse. If you know your Ascendant or Rising sign, you can work it out from there as you can see which houses have Leo and Aquarius on the cusp.

We are actually getting a true feel for the Aquarian Age we are moving into and this is more like a 2000 year period. It has a ‘futuristic’ feel to it. This is the archetype of liberation and awakening. It is somewhat an impersonal view from afar as that is how Aquarius deals with things. The planet Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is known also as the ‘personal unconscious.’ Uranus breaks open and awakens us, and sometimes with a jolt! So much so that you are likely to resist these challenging prompts to break out of the old habits. So working out the lessons between the Leo and Aquarian nodal axis is such an important lesson for us right now. If we can put our ego’s to one side we have great lessons to learn. Leo is the funnel through which the Aquarian ideologies are played out. It must be for our highest good as the north node is the marker for our spiritual or souls journey forward. So be sure to get out of your own way.

The negative feelings may be a sense of alienation, despair, feeling isolated from what is going on. Tune in and do some soul searching and don’t let fear push you off course. Personally we could say this eclipse is breaking up the old ways or patriarchy.  The message is to wake up and be more than your limited view of yourself. Tap into you own genius. I will give a brief overview of how you could be affected by looking at where the eclipse or nodal axis is in you chart. It will help if you know and if not you can access to a basic birth chart online easily enough and so you can at least see which houses are affected. I can help you with this if you need to have your birth chart calculated. 


1st house

It’s about YOU! Your new identity or a time to realise new aspects of the self. Your instincts are being tapped here. The polarity here will be the opposite 7th house so here you are being urged to not get attached to any agendas and to include the ‘other’ person in this shift in how you see yourself in the world. Brining in the 7th house lessons of balance and inclusion, you will strive to be the more rounded person who still has a strong sense of self but manages to incorporate others in this new way of doing things. 

2nd house 

What is MY sense of self worth? Here we how we value ourselves, and it’s also our money and security but strongly associated with the physical and material areas of our world and how we attach to all of that and identify with it too much sometimes. Expanding through the 8th house, any co-dependancy will be destroyed. The message is to become self sufficient and not to overly rely on someone else to feel whole. 

3rd house  

Here we learn new ways of expressing ourselves. Writing, social media, teaching etc. Ask yourself how you connect with your local environment, even with your siblings or neighbourhood. You will need to expand and grow now and become more of a channel as the polarity or opposite house here is the 9th – the bigger picture, the higher education, travel and foreign cultures. You may suffer a loss in some of these areas or how you gain your education to help push you forward. Get out of your head and trust tapping into the universal consciousness. Take part in meditation and practice new ways of expanding your mind and aim high and see that bigger picture opening up before you for a truer path forward. 

4th house 

Nurture yourself! Make yourself secure and ‘feel’ the feeling that you may have thought was a sign of weakness. The polar opposite is in the 10th house ruled by Capricorn. So if you learn to own and acknowledge your sensitivity for your personal growth. If not things may show up at work or around your public image that is threatening for you so you need to own it and face how it really is for you to find that security or foundation of ‘self’ in the truest sense. 

5th house 

This is on the Leo / Aquarius axis as Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th house. How can you express yourself more fully? Acknowledge how life wants to express itself through you. You must create! That is your lifeblood. The Sth Node in the opposing house – 11th can show up as you’re leaving that ‘group’ you’ve long associated with. Find your own self expression in a whole new way. You may not have been expressing yourself fully enough so this will the area for your lessons. Step up and shine! 

6th house 

This is the house of ‘contribution!’ The work, effort, health, day to day activities. Get moving and share your gifts as if its not work so you can understand the fuller and more purposeful meaning of service. This has the Virgo energy to it so you need to pay attention to the details and be the master of your creation. Remember you’ll be supported on a spiritual level. It is time to get moving and be pro-active, get the work done and don’t just get lost in the rituals. Put it into practice and understand it’s not just about the symbolism. Give it wings! 

7th house 

It’s time for you to shine through relationships. The polarity here is through the 1st house so you could be experiencing an identity crisis. You may feel misunderstood. It’s now time to learn to compromise, to listen and co-operate. Don’t try to do it all for you or all on your own. You need to learn how to share and find some balance and exchange more. Bring in the Libran energies of co-operation and diplomacy and compromise. 

8th house

This is the time to merge and unite with other powerful people which comes via the 2nd house lessons. This is getting out of one’s owns safety zone. ‘My castle,’ ‘my stuff.’ You could experience losses there to push you towards a more humbling situation so as to really understand how you need to move away from all of that exclusivity. You need to trust more in the power of surrendering. Power sharing is the message here. It will feel difficult but it is for your highest good. You may experience more around the mysteries around life and death. Life can be bigger than you’ve been living it. This is transforming you inside and out. 

9th house

This is on the Sagittarius / Gemini axis. You want to create and now you’re being forced to look at the bigger picture. Make a deeper connection to nature or education in broader, wiser terms. Think big and deep! Don’t skim the surface for ‘tid-bits’ of knowledge. Get up from the confines of your small and abridged version of living and perhaps take that adventurous trip that you used to dream about or enrol in that course for higher education or path that opens up your mind to the real world of opportunity and not just the snapshot version. There is a more natural law that holds some key lessons for you. Take the leap.

10th house

You want to be out in the big wide world. Become your own boss now. Capricorn and the 10th house themes are about getting serious about your status in the world. The polarity is in the 4th house (home and foundations) so you may need to look up and realise you have more to do outside of this arena now. Take your focus over to the bigger world and get out of your dressing gown and slippers! There is work to be done and achievement awaits you. You don’t have to leave the family home or run away, but it’s more about growing up and cutting the apron strings and not be scared to achieve and go for the goals and live larger. 

11th house

It’s time to step out and start the revolution! This is the Aquarian home base and where it can get really quirky, inventive and you put on your coat of many colours! Really listen to what that inner voice says and open your 3rd eye for the channelling the wisdom beyond and outside of your own ego driven concerns. The greater good of the community and the world at large. Where are you looking to make eccentric and genius ideas come true? Find your tribe and gather that community of like minded people together and bring about the change that will benefit the community at large. This points to futuristic thinking. Finding the ‘other like minded people’ will help you to stimulate and share the ideas to help you on your exciting path forward. 

12 house

This is a really powerful placement as it is the last house of the zodiac. The natural ruler is Pisces. With Leo and the north node in your last house in your chart, you are being pushed now to channel the divine wisdom of all that has come before you in the past, but to also let it dissolve away ready to start fresh again. Going deeply into shadow and letting go is the message here and trust that you are more than you know you are. Try to let go of the ego and trust in the wisdom of your soul as it is already there within you. Surrender to what life brings you and avoid trying to control the outcomes where you can. Meditate, trust and know that you’ll be guided. 

I hope we all derive something special throughout this exciting time and enjoy the new growth that is on offer. May your Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo be positive, full of hope and new vision! Enjoy and pay attention. It’s really worth it. 

Much love! 🙂 


Full Moon in Aquarius & Partial Eclipse…………finding your truth & midpoint between brilliance!

Well this would have to be one of the most exciting astrological times of the year right now. After the last New Moon in Leo setting the stage for us to get our frocks on and shine, we arrive this week – Tues 8/8 (Sydney) at the Full Moon & partial eclipse in Aquarius. As the Sun in Leo shines opposite we have one of those cosmic dances that speak to us about change, new beginnings and all that we know goes along with New & Full Moon energies, except we now have the amped up action of a couple of eclipses this month. This one being a partial so it’s not as strong as the Full Solar Eclipse we’ll have on 21/8, however it acts as a midpoint in a way, after the dress rehearsal in July, ready for the divine big daddy on the 21st. 

So let’s back up a little. We had the Sun move into Leo on 23/7 right on the 0 deg of Leo plus it was a New Moon. So that was like starting the engine for us to get our hearts open, polish our red ruby slippers and slap on the makeup ready for the great move forward into our own true selves, deep into the heart space. Now with Aquarius opposite at this Full Moon, we are at the half way point, but having viewed our script, here we are rehearsing our lines in full costume! Let’s hope we are anyway, and if not, now it the perfect time to stop and think about what has been happening in your world that has perhaps pushed you into an area that has made you feel alive and full of joy. It may have come with some real resistance but if you can be conscious of the most important areas of your life that have been screaming out for change, well that’s a hint for where it is. The pathway has been clearing for you. 

Aquarius is the sign who is always rallying for the truth. The rebel, the eccentric who really not only doesn’t care what anyone thinks about them, but actually enjoys the fact that they are the odd one in the crowd. This energy is all about being your most authentic self, regardless of how left of centre it may be or what you have always thought you ‘should’ be or do. This is the perfect time to go in and really examine where it is we need to take that leap of faith, be it simply a new hobby or activity you’ve had in the back of your mind for a long time or be it a complete change of lifestyle in the broader sense. This is where the differences between Leo & Aquarius are at their most divinely beautiful. Here is the perfect timing and alchemy we can see via the universe that plays the perfect song and the music of the spheres is manifested through us. I love astrology for all it offers us. It’s just the perfect backdrop as it never dictates but it provides some wonderful material for self growth. 

A little about the planetary patterns to help join the dots: We had Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) station for his Retrograde (backwards) motion on 4/8. So here we have an opportunity to slow down and think (airs signs love to think!) about what we are doing and where we can jazz life up a bit. The ‘changes’ are what he loves to talk about. He does prefer radical change too if you don’t mind. Mercury goes Retrograde on 14/8 but we are feeling the brakes already, and will go direct again on 7/9, so he is the one who most often retrogrades and you will probably hear about. Again, never fear as you may hear only the negative but it’s a good time to double check appointments, computer back ups, vehicle checks etc… avoid if you can any huge financial or contractual decisions until Mercury moves forward mid September as the energy can get a little sticky & delays ensue. If you can’t help it, just be very vigilant and check all the details and fine print. Again, a great time to review, revise and declutter. Do the stuff you’ve been meaning to get around to. Maybe a couple of years of tax returns or rearrange your home decor, make contact with friends or family you’ve not spoken to for ages. It’s all about that kind of energy. Mercury is about that communication so it will just be a little slower or less smooth or at least less likely to move quickly if you try to push. 

We still have Saturn Retrograde until the 26/8 so that will be a relief, especially for Sagittarius as he moves through their sign until mid December. Saturn has had them in the headmasters office for 2.5 yrs and with this Retrograde period, and it may have really felt like they got the cane as well here and there! Well done Saggies, you will be off the hook in no time. Neptune (spirituality, visionary, illusionary) went Retrograde mid June and being one of the outer slower moving planets will stay like that until November 2018. Pluto went Retrograde mid April this year and again, slow & far away stays there until October 2019. These energies are not quite felt as the personal planets are however they still hold meaning. More about that another time.

We have Jupiter in Libra shining light on justice and fairness both in our own relationships and on the global stage, but in a difficult square aspect to Pluto in bossy and authoritarian Capricorn. That is pretty exact at the moment so here we have the tension in amongst all the good stuff. Building up towards the Solar Eclipse in Leo on 21/8 we we see this playing out on the political stage (as always) but the tensions really reach some crescendo over the eclipse as history has shown us these moments always are a signature for abrupt and absolute change. The Solar Eclipse end of August is called the ‘Great American eclipse as it will be visible right across the United States, from the west to the east coast. I don’t like beating the drum of doom & gloom either, but the affects will be felt and it will be very interesting to see what changes take place on that stage! Which really affects the world at large. 

Mars still snuggles up to the Sun however there is a wider orb there so the heat is not as high but still active. This is the catalyst to igniting all the surrounding energies around at the moment. He is like the burning embers keeping it all alight. Sun is the ‘will’ and Mars is the ‘desire,’ so you can feel the potency here. Using or abusing this energy is the key factor. You can see tempers flaring, unhealthy egos in full swing. The ‘my way or the highway’ kind of mentality. Particularly in politics. Just monitor this in your own personal worlds too though. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) and in fiery Aries will be on the exact same degree – 28, as the Sun at the Solar Eclipse on 21/8. This will be a very powerful trine and positive aspect here, with the eclipse bringing in the extra boom to the mix. Change is loud and clear! 

With this Full Moon we can think about it this way – Aquarius is the ‘future’ and the Moon is the ‘past.’ So the dear moon is not altogether comfortable in this free flying gung-ho radical sign. She is more attuned to the nurturing qualities and making everyone feel safe and sound. So for this short time and interesting ride, we can see the polarity between Leo and Aquarius is a time to see the link between the ego and the collective consciousness. The planet Uranus is about breaking free from the patterns of the past so there is momentum gathering. The message in this Eclipse has keywords such as – liberation, break through, bridging dimensional gaps and connecting us with the future and so there is that restlessness that provokes such spontaneous change. Uranus is at 28 degrees so if you also have any planets on the degree you will be strongly triggered or initiated, particularly around the 21/8, but it’s not just a day, it’s energy is felt before and long after.  That closing square between Jupiter and Pluto  also invites those nagging catalysts for change. What is your personal truth or philosophy? On 7th & 8th August, the Moon will trine Jupiter in Libra and the Sun will sextile Jupiter which spells more opportunity for revolution to take place. Also interesting to note that traditionally Saturn rules Aquarius and the modern ruler is Uranus, and both are retrograde. These eclipses will finish things. The Full Moon now brings it to fruition! 

The Sun and Mars together area asking us to blaze a new path and with the cosmic downloads of these eclipses we can create these new programs and start afresh. You could ask yourselves ‘what is draining me?’ What really is just no longer working for me?’ Aquarius brings us to the attention of our friends, tribe or groups you hang out with. What and who is resonating with your heart’s desire? Maybe a job, a relationship or simply an activity that was fine for that time but now it just feels like its run its course. Don’t throw the ‘baby out with the bathwater’ but how can you do it differently if it is a major situation, or make the change if it is a manageable thing such as a form of exercise, diet or activity you’ve been doing forever that may need to be refreshed somehow. 

The shadow side of Aquarius is detachment, so come from your own heart as waiting for things to be perfect until you move on or act will not serve you.  With all this Retrograde motion we may feel thwarted and frustrated until mid September at least as that’s when Mercury goes direct again. So practice playing the lead role in your own life and be bold, letting those new life paths around your destiny energise and inspire you. Be daring! 

This energy is really helping us all heal our individual selves to become more aware and conscious individuals and therefore, much happier ultimately. 

As always, I wish you all a magnificent Full Moon and Eclipse season.

May the changes that come about for you lead you on to the great gifts you truly deserve. 

Love & light! 🙂 

NEW MOON IN LEO………lights, cameras, ready to roll……ACTION!


Here we are on the eve of an exciting New Moon in the fiery, regal and sun ruled sign of Leo! Also it is only just into Leo as it will be in 0 degrees 24 mins. So the Sun and Moon snuggle up closely and the moon has it’s phase of dimming it’s light and recharging itself in a way ready for the next complete monthly phase once again. As always, the new moon is a time of starting fresh, thinking about how and what we’d like to see unfold over the next month and beyond. Always it has this energy but it changes with each sign as far as it’s tone goes. This one heralds the Sun moving out of Cancer and into Leo so it’s quite remarkable to have it in 0 degrees. There will be a couple of eclipses this month in Leo, although the 1st on on the 7th will only be partial, but makes way for the big total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, and it is being called the Great American Eclipse as it will be 100% visible from one side of America across to the other. Very interesting times we are living in so let’s see what huge changes come about around that time especially for the United States. 

There are 30 degrees in each house or cycle for a planet to move through a particular sign, and we call the beginning and the end degrees ‘critical’ as they have more energy there. So with this New Moon and Sun being in 0 deg, it is very strong indeed. With the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, it will be 28 deg, so again, critical. This is quite a month, packed with Leo energy. Not only that but we then have over six planets in fire. The other fiery aspect around this New Moon is that Mars (ruler of Aries) is right there with the Sun & Moon and only 1 degree away. Mars rules action, war, sex, desires and loves to get things moving and with a harsh square aspect to unpredictable Uranus over in Aries, there will be the tendency to become frustrated, angry and without a healthy outlet for all this combustable energy, it could lead to anger outbursts, accidents and general discord if not careful. It’s best to let off steam with some vigorous exercise or in some way so that is doesn’t end up pushing your buttons in a negative way, which can never be helpful. So forewarned is forearmed. Turn that Mars energy into something positive. Think about what or where it is that you’ve needed the push to get a project done or finished. Mars does give more ambition here as especially resonating with that number 1 energy. Here is the drive to create something of your own! If you can grab hold of the reins and guide this energy, it can serve you well. It’s only when we are wandering around unconsciously and letting this force take control of our emotions that we act out indiscriminately.  

We do have some positive aspects going on at the same time, so never fear! The Moon & Sun will be trine to Chiron (asteroid – wounded healer) and Neptune in Pisces, the visionary. They are at 28 degrees, so again adding up to number 1 energy, this signals a desire to create a better life as we should be aware of past failures and disappointments. What hasn’t worked for us in the past can be seen in a ‘new light’ now as this is how the universe works. This new moon phase will merge with this beautiful message from Neptune and the Wounded Healer Chiron, to ultimately light the best way forward now after we have gone down the path which may have been laden with trials and tribulations. We may have had to really fall down and scrape our knees before we could get up again, and now with the wisdom of hindsight, we understand what we must do to move forward for our highest good. Of course this will vary for all of us, but if you stop and really think about it, you should know deep down where these changes are for you. Chiron always helps up to amend any failures. He will help us heal, even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time we are enduring the pains of growth. With Mars on the other side arm in arm with Moon & Sun in Leo, we should have the desire to communicate these renewed insights and be in the spotlight, for now will be a better opportunity for what it is we wish to unfold. 

Mercury in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius are in a lovely trine aspect to each other so that is positive. Our ideas will have structure and the fire of Leo & Sagittarius gives roots to any concepts or ideas we have for our projects or whatever we are working on. Just off this square but still in orb is Uranus in Aries. So this gives the inventive, sparks of inspiration to all of that so you can see the potential here with all this creative energy flying about. Mercury is conjunct the North Node in Leo as well, so this is about our personal (& global) evolution. Being in Leo, there is much light, warmth, energy pulsating from his ruler, the Sun, so make the best of this time to really work on what you are passionate about as it will take flight under this sky. Mercury is slowing down and will soon be retrograde on the 14th August, so that is always a good reminder to double check your diary for appointments, schedules and computer back ups, vehicle servicing etc. Apart from that it’s always a time to ‘revise, re-visit, relax, rewind, and generally take time to think over all this new stuff going on for you, as by 7th September, he goes direct but always give it another week before you make solid forward plans if possible. Signing contracts are best left until after the Retrograde phase, but again, this is not always possible. Just double check all the details and read the fine print as they say. Talking about Retrogrades, the good news is that Saturn finally goes direct on 26th August! Yahoo, as good old ‘Father Time’ has his way of making us all feel the weights as he demands order, structure and sometimes long detentions for those areas in our lives that require his authority. Depending on where Saturn has been in your chart, you will start to feel a bit lighter as if the lead boots are coming off, finally! 

So if I can give any advise on this Leo New Moon, I would say – open from the heart space, find the joy, get creative, be open to those sparks of inspiration and genius, for they are around you. Let Mars help fuel this energy and not hinder it. See it as a great springboard into the second New Moon for August – the total Solar Eclipse also in Leo! This is a very powerful month indeed. 

Shine bright, roar loud & proud and enjoy this New Moon in Leo! 


FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN…….purging and polarising!



We have a very powerful Full Moon in Capricorn happening on 9th July. This one is power packed as the Moon will be at 17 degrees of Capricorn and will be only 1 degree away from the master transformer Pluto! All of this while the Sun opposite is in Cancer and is joined by Mars. Mars is the lower octave of Pluto in Astrology and is more aligned with ego based power and strength as opposed to the soul force that Pluto generates. This is not meant to sound negative, scary or heavy, but it does strike a chord when it comes to being true to oneself and discarding all that does not work for us, without a doubt. 

So it’s a great time to ask ourselves ‘where do I make the biggest impact?’ Get in touch with your unique self and whether it’s through your work or taking on certain activities that you’ve always wanted to do that really makes you feel empowered and plugged in…..make steps towards making that happen as Pluto will meet you half way and really ignite that fire in your belly and help it take form. There is what we call a Cardinal Cross occurring as we have those signs engaged in aspect to each other such as – Jupiter in Libra squaring Sun & Mars in Cancer opposing Moon & Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries still in the mix. We have passion and power, a yearning for individuation, a seeking for truth and justice and a need for security and nurturing. The Cardinal signs gives us the courage to take the initiative. The green light is on for us to move forward and this demands we take action where we may have been dragging our feet. 

We soon move out of Cancer Sun into Leo and next month we have some eclipses coming up. This will be big as well and I will post another blog especially for that but as with all eclipses it spells change! They are exciting times astrologically and it’s really great if you know exactly where in your personal chart this will be falling. There will be a partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7th but on August 21st there will be a full Solar Eclipse in Leo which will be visible right across the United States of America. This is the first one since 1979. An interesting thing is that it happens to be at 28 degrees of Leo with is also the same degree of Regulus the Royal fixed star. This is a powerful point and there is much written about Regulus and it has some military connections and this star is right on the heart of the Lion. This is the star of Royalty. Coupled with the North Node of the Moon now being in Leo, we have a power pack of Leonine energy.  On the world stage this is a very significant time for this eclipse and with the extra focus on leadership and power struggles, this eclipse in Leo and especially being so visible over America, it will be a very interesting time indeed. 

I will leave it here and get back to you about the eclipses next month, but in the meantime, let this culminating energy of the Full Moon assist you in making those necessary and soul inspiring changes for the better. As always if the energy feels too overwhelming, make time to go inwards and make time to practice your self nurturing rituals that you know help you to feel grounded and stay in touch with your inner spirit and hold strong in the storms that sometimes seem to whip up around us. Be like the symbolic animal for Capricorn, the goat, who can climb steadily up any old mountain track and stand steady regardless of the wind and rain around him. 

May your Full Moon phase be a fruitful one!